to driving

school like no other

Basic rides

Do you want to prepare to pass the driving test? We invite you to test drives and the course. With us, you will easily gain basic skills. After passing the exam, it is possible to expand your knowledge of dynamic racing driving

Theoretical knowledge

the basis is to master the rules of movement

Car driving

a minimum of 40 hours of practice behind the wheel

Vehicle construction

We provide basic repair methods and explain how to deal with an emergency

Possibility of additional training

There is a possibility of additional classes before taking the exam, if you think you need them

Premium rides

Premium cars are used for learning, thanks to which you will feel additional comfort, you will wynajem samochodu do ślubu get used to decent power from the beginning .

Luxury Sedans

You want to learn in premium conditions

Sports Assistance

we provide training in learning on a sports track

Tuition Pickup

We run courses that will prepare you to start in competitions

self-defense in the vehicle

we organize training in defense and vehicle escape techniques


Offroad driving courses

You are already bored with Afalt and you want to take advantage of off-road driving, but you lack the knowledge? we invite you for off-road driving training. We will provide you with the knowledge of moving on uneven ground so that you can drive efficiently and with pleasure.

Luxury SUVs

fully equipped to ensure maximum comfort

Location Guiding

interesting routes worth calling the adventure of a lifetime

10-day trip

course is organized as a 10-day trip.

Sight Seeing

each trip is different, so the program is available at the headquarters

Just three steps.

so little to start a new adventure


Choose a package that suits you

It is up to you what skills you want to train


Complete the application form

In accordance with the provisions, it is required to complete the documentation and pay for the program


Make an appointment

Check our schedule and adjust your time

Incepator school is very pleasant and recommendable. With a clear conscience, I can recommend it to everyone, it is a great instructor, he can explain a lot, although it was not always beautiful and colorful, but it was an oasis of peace for me. A few days ago I became a happy license holder and I would like to officially thank the whole auto school here

Raelynn Allen

Do you love learning new skills?

We love to share knowledge about cars, driving techniques, and dealing with difficult situations. I would like to share it with you.